PackshotCreator software: the turntable is not detected

05. The software doesn't detect the PackshotCreator R3 turntable

This article is only for the PackshotCreator R3 systems.

If you launch the software and you can't access to the 360 or 3D mode, your turntable is maybe not detected by the software.
It happens sometimes: the turntable has moved from its original place and is not detected anymore by the raster. You will have to replace it.

Here is the handling:

● Remove the raster cover (the metal cover at the right hand side)

● Check the yellowish rubber part on each roller. See if there’s any damage on them and adjust them
● Use an alcohol solution to clean the rubber on the roller and edge of the glass plate
● Re-install the glass plate. Do not over tighten the hand screw
● Run the calibration software workflow again (How to?)

Here is how to remove and install back the turntable plate :

Note: the raster is very sensitive. You'll have to tighten and untighten 5 or 6 times the screws in order to find the good position. 

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