Something got sucked into the PackshotMacro DL, PackshotMacro DIS or PackshotMacro X2

06. Something got sucked into the PackshotMacro DL, PackshotMacro DIS or PackshotMacro X2 – Where did it go?

If something gets sucked into the vacuum system used by PackshotMacro DL, DIS or X2, you should remove the item as it will affect short-term suction performance and long-term pump life.

As expected, the pump in the system has a filter. HOWEVER... If it’s a PackshotMacro DL, DIS or X2, most likely, the item will not make to the pump. Due to the tube's diameter, the item will probably be found just before the elbow piece as the picture below illustrates:




To access this area and remove the sucked item:

      1. Open the front of the unit by unscrewing the 4 hand screws.

      2. Look inside and you will see the connections.

      3. Unscrew the 90 degree elbow. Most likely, the item sucked will be on top of the elbow. 

Note: If the item is not there, or if you have a PackshotMacro X2, check the pump directly. Due to gravity – if it got by the elbow, it will most likely be in the pump filter. 

If it’s not in in front of the elbow or in the pump filter, then you will need to go back and check the rest of the tubing. Possibly having to unscrew the other parts shown in the diagram.


To check the pump:

      1. Remove the pump from the muffler box.

      2. Locate the rubber cap and remove the screw.
      3. Lift the cap and the sponge.
      4. Check the sponge and pocket indicated below.

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