PackshotCreator software crashes during AutoMask

13. PackshotCreator software crashes out during AutoMask


·         Software is closing out while attempting to process the second shot of AutoMask.

Check For:

·         User might be using a laptop with two video cards, intel and NVIDA or AMD.

·         Windows 10 reliability report shows hardware error at almost the same time as PackshotCreator Software stops working. Screenshot below.

·         Checking the windows hardware error technical difficulties shows a LiveKernelEvent. This flags a display issue. See screenshot below:

Possible Solutions:

·         Update Graphics drivers

·         Disable the integrated intel graphics card so the computer no longer attempts to switch between the two. This will force the computer to always run off the NVIDA or AMD card for display. (Known Fix)

o   To do so open Device Manager. Then navigate to Display adapters in the screenshot below. Right click on the intel integrated graphics card and disable.

o   WARNING – Never disable a display adapter if you do not understand what a GPU is. Never disable a display adapter if there is only one!!!!!

* Ask our e-support to do this. See screenshot below. This is a case where you WOULD NOT disable as there is only one display adapter.

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