Repeatable Views Stand head slides down the arm

04. Repeatable Views Stand head slides down the arm

We have been using our Repeatable Views Stand and now the ‘block’ holding the camera onto the vertical arm slips down the vertical arm automatically. It should be holding the camera in place.

Cause of problem: 
The pad inside the ‘block’ is dirty


Remove the ‘block’ from the vertical arm and clean the pads on the inside with Alcohol.

To remove the block, unscrew the two hand screws holding the vertical arm to the rest of the Repeatable Views Stand assembly.


Take off the top plastic piece.  with a towel that does not leave dust behind.


Slide the block up and off the vertical arm

Get some alcohol and a towel or rag that does not leave particles behind (do not use a tissue or a paper towel). Put the alcohol on the rag and clean the two rubber pads inside the block.  


While its drying, use a wet paper towel to clean the channels (left and right) on the vertical arm – from to top bottom.

Put the block back on the vertical arm. Replace the top piece and reconnect the vertical arm back to the assembly.

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