00. Register my PackshotCreator solution

00. Register my PackshotCreator solution

You just acquire your PackshotCreator ! After setting up your hardware, it's time to register your solution !

First, connect to your user platform. Thanks to this, you'll be able to update your software, register your new solutions, get the editing and offline versions of the software.

Important : when you buy your PackshotCreator solution, your software license is available for ever. You will have a free access to all the updates during one year. Past this year, you will still have access to your last software updates and all the previous ones done during this year, but you will no longer have access to the free updates. You will have to subscribe to a new software insurance contract that will renew your access. Please make sure to save every installation file you download if you ever need to reinstall the software.

Here you are : 

● Click on Sign Up Now for your first registration.

● Enter your hardware serial number (Where to find it ? HERE)

● After filling in your infos and checking the Privacy Policy box, click on Sign Up.

● Click on Login right now

● Enter your username and your password and here you are on your account :

On this platform, you can access to :

       ● Your harware and its infos : its name, its serial number et your software license expiration date.

       ● Your actions : you can download the last software update by clicking on Download or delete a solution by clicking on "..." then on Remove Product.

       ● Download : By clicking on it, you will access to the Software Center interface.

You will find here the link to download the last software update (Mac and Pc) and its details.
You also wind find the specifications asked to install your software, and the minimum and recommanded requirements.
We advise you to follow the recommended requirements in order to use the software optimally.

       ● Support : 

By clicking on the ? you can immediatly access to our FAQ, to the privacy policy and you can also contact us, by opening a ticket destined to our technical support for any question.

      ● Your account :

You can find here all your personal infos in Edit Account, and Close Account to delete it.
You can also Logout.

       ● Add :

In this tab, you can add 3 services :

- Product : you just got a new hardware and you want to register it.
- Editing User : it is a software version that doesn't need an hardware to be opened. You can import picture to realize animations, edit pictures, export your photos in other formats... Possibilites are wide !
- Offline Credential : it is a software version that doesn't need an internet access to work.

Notes : 
- When you buy your PackshotCreator, the version included in your purchase is the Online one. If you are working on a computer without an internet connexion, the software will open two or three times, but then you will have to get the Offline Credential version.

You can find HERE the PackshotCreator software insurance.
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