How to recover AutoMask profiles on the PackshotCreator software?

30. AutoMask profiles are deleted after updating to version 15.265


You installed the PackshotCreator software version 15.265. During the installation, the software asked you if you would like to keep your existing profiles and you clicked on "Yes".
After the installation was done, you launched the new software and noticed that all of your AutoMask profiles were deleted.


We found out there was a bug causing this issue. So we quickly released a new hotfix version (V15.267) that allows you to manually backup and recover your deleted AutoMask profiles.
Below you will find the step by step on how to recover them.


Step 1On your computer, got to "This Computer" and type %appdata%

Step 2: Go on the PackshotCreator folder, right click on the file OTData.db.bak and click on "Copy".
Paste this file somewhere on your computer and rename it to OTData.db. Select "Yes" when the computer asks you if you are sure you want to change the extension.

Step 3: Go to your PackshotCreator user account on: and install the software update V.

Step 4: After the installation, go back to "This Computer", type: %appdata% and open the PackshotCreator folder.
Then, paste the OTData.db file inside the PackshotCreator folder and click "Ok" to overwrite it.

Step 5: Launch the software and your AutoMask profiles should be back there.

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