The PackshotSpin O3T turntable does not rotate and makes a noise

05. PackshotSpin O3T turntable will not rotate and makes a noise


PackshotSpin O3T turntable will not rotate and makes a noise.

‚ÄčNote:  The noise you hear when the motor is turning but the turntable is not spinning will not hurt the device.


Cause of problem:

The turntable was stored incorrectly with a heavy weight on top and a flat spot on each roller has been created.



1. Turn one of the black rollers on the side of the turntable 90 degrees, turn the next one 180 degrees, turn the next one 270 degrees and keep the fourth roller in the same spot.
This will distribute the flat spots to different locations.

2. Launch the software and spin the turntable continuously for about 4 minutes to eliminate the flat spots.
3. If the turntable needs help getting started. Use your hand to spin the turntable to get it off the initial flat spot.

To Avoid this in the Future:

When storing the turntable, please store it in its box with the box placed sideways. If you are storing it without a box, do not put heavy objects on the turntable while it is not in use.  

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