PackshotCreator and Mac OS Big Sur

24. PackshotCreator and Mac OS Big Sur

Dear PackshotCreator Users,

We are glad to announce the full compatibility between PackshotCreator software and the new operating system Mac Big Sur (11.0 version).
Released on 23.04.2021, you can download your V1.0.14.238 software version by connecting to your user platform.

After installing the new software version, you pight need to manually install the driver from your PackshotCreator system. 
If this error message appears: "A PackshotCreator device must be connected in order to launch the software (2).", then please, go to the Mac App Store and search for “PL2303” for the Prolific Series driver.
Download it and install it. Please don't forget to open “Security and Privacy” and “Allow” the PL2303 Series Driver to finish installing.

Published on the 12th of November 2020
The PackshotCreator Team

Dear PackshotCreator Users, 

Mac has launched its last operating system, Big Sur (11.0 version) on the 12th November 2020. This is a totally new OS and our developers need a little time to make the PackshotCreator software entirely compatible with this Mac update.

So, we recommend you to not download  Big Sur until it is specified on your user platform.
The compatibility might be available when a new PackshotCreator update will be released.

Thank you for your comprehension.

The PackshotCreator Team

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