Installing the new PackshotCreator software in Mac OS

15. New PackshotCreator software installer in Mac OS


This is a guide to help customers through the new installation process for the PackshoCreator software V15 and beyond.


1- Installing for new users

After registering and downloading the Mac OS compatible version of PackshotCreator software from the User Portal on, you can open the .dmg file and see the menu below. Then click on the “Installation Guide” to open the following menu and figure out their next step.

For new users or installing the software on brand new computers, select and follow the steps under “Install.

2- Installing for current users 

For users that already have the PackshotCreator software already installed, click on the “Installation Guide” , then select and follow the steps underUpgrade.

Important: If the user has issues connecting the device after the installation process, the Troubleshootoption will help by walking the user through removing any possible issues with drivers and starting a fresh install.  

3- Drivers

When installing the driver packages, we recommend opening the “Security & Privacy” menu under “System Preferences” in case the Mac OS prompts the user to Allow the installers to load.

4 - Uninstallation Menu

For users that are cleaning their computer and want to delete the software, they will select and follow the steps under Remove 

For users either upgrading their software or removing software from their computer, it is important to note whether or not they want to save their current profiles for camera, lighting, saving and other PackshotCreator software settings for future use.


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