Hyperfocus issues using PackshotMacro RE and PackshotMacro DIS - some parts of product are blurry

21. When shooting on Hyperfocus mode with PackshotMacro RE and PackshotMacro DIS, some parts of the product are blurry


If you are working with the PackshotMacro RE or PackshotMacro DIS, you may have some issues when shooting with Hyperfocus. Some parts of your product are blurry and sometimes the stacking is not perfect.  


It seems that you are using hyperfocus increments that are larger than their aperture, therefore certain parts are blurry and others are sharp.
For example, small aperture only make 0.3 cm focus, but the hyperfocus jumps 0.6 cm between pictures. 

‚ÄčMake sure to set the aperture value to 10 or 11. Creating a Hyperfocus of ring using a 100mm lens takes about 16 or 17 shots. Creating a Hyperfocus with a 60mm lens take about 5 or 6 shots.