The 6th of July 2020, the technical support of the old generations PackshotCreator will end

13. On 6th of July 2020, the technical support of the old generations PackshotCreator will end

What does the end of the support mean?

During the past 18 years, PackshotCreator was very glad to support the following systems:
- P100
- P200
- PackshotCreator Mini 2.0
- PackshotCreator Business
- PackshotCreator 3D
- PackshotCreator X2
- PackshotStart+ (fluo)
NB : If you want to know if your system is still supported by our technical team, please open a ticket by clicking here.

From now on, this is the time for us and for our hardware and software manufacturing partners to invest our resources in supporting newer technologies, so that we can continue to provide you with unforgettable new experiences. As a result, technical support for these products will be no longer available.

What happens if I continue to use my old generation PackshotCreator?

If you continue to use your old system after the end of support, we recommend you to disconnect the computer from the network and automatic updates. The system will operate in stand-alone mode.

if you lost your installation CD or exe file of your original software version (from 2008 until end of 2017 - violet icon), we won't be able to send you a new one

Why this decision?

Given the various technical and technological developments over the past 20 years (new lighting systems, new powerful cameras, new operating systems, new SDKs, new visuals requirements), it was impossible to continue this gracious service with the quality requirements we are proud of.

Is it possible to update my system?

Unfortunately, the systems do not use the same components and even if it is possible to update the software, many features won't be available.

Do you offer a solution?

We currently offer our customers a system replacement offer in order to be able to evolve in line with new technologies, and to use the latest software and hardware features of PackshotCreator photo studios.
Attached you will find a document with further information on the benefits these new technology can bring to you.

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