Mac can't find the PackshotCreator hardware device

01. Mac cannot find PackshotCreator hardware device

Problem:   Failure to launch – Cannot detect PackshotCreator device

If the customer is using a Mac that uses High Sierra and they are unable to get into the PackshotCreator program because when they try to run the software they get a message that states: “A PackshotCreator device must be attached”. Then, most likely the EXAR and PROLIFIC drivers needed to control the PackshotCreator hardware are not being recognized by the Mac OS.


·         Mac Yosemite, El Capitan and Sierra all allow the user to easily accept and use 3rd Party Drivers.

·         High Sierra got more stringent on Secuity. It removed the ability to “Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere” (see picture below in the screen capture of the Sercurity and Privacy page.   

·         High Sierra 10.13.01 and 10.13.02 did not give the user any ability to accept 3rd party drivers – users had to upgrade to 10.13.3 and 10.13.4.

·         High Sierra 10.13.3, 10.13.4, 10.13.5 and 10.13.6  work fine after the drivers are “Allowed”

·         In 10.13.6 – Apple is trying to make it easier to solve this issue – the give more pop ups to guide the user to the Security and Privacy page where the drivers can be “Allowed” or in their new language software can be accepted from “Unidentified Developers”


High Sierra limits the use of 3rd party drivers…

Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra

High Sierra


Since the software has already been running and the user got the error:

Step 1. Close the PackshotCreator software. Step 2.  Unplug the PackshotCreator hardware. (Specifically unplug the USB leading to the Mac computer) 

Step 3.  Make sure the Mac is using OS 10.13.3 or higher. If not, upgrade the OS.

Step 4.  Uninstall and re-install the latest version of PackshotCreator software – must be using V1.0.9.76 or higher.

Step 5.  Once the software is installed, plug in the PackshotCreator hardware by USB

Step 6.  Open “Security and Privacy” window. At the bottom of the General Tab look to see if it mentions that drivers were blocked or drivers from a 3rd party need to “Allowed” for use. Below is an example. Click “Allow”


Step 7.  After clicking Allow, try running the PackshotCreator Software again.  If the same message appears, then:

1.       Unplug the PackshotCreator hardware from the computer by USB

2.       Reboot the computer and try again.


Note:  If the user misses the ability to “Allow” the drivers the first time, then they have to re-install, then “Allow” the drivers on the Security and Privacy screen. 

After Allowing the drivers they need to unplug the PackshotCreator device reboot, re-plug the USB, then launch the software again. If they simply relaunch the software it will still not find our hardware.  

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