08. Camera Initial Fail (193, 193)

08. Camera Initial Fail (193, 193)


Camera Initial Fail (193,193) when lauching PackshoCreator software.

The error (193, 193) = 0x0C1L which is straight from the Canon utility / Canon Software Development Kit. It means the camera you are trying to work with was “Disconnected” and thus unable to be communicated with. 



This is not a PackshotCreator issue. This is a connection issue and an issue between the computer and the way Canon manages connected cameras. In the best-case scenario, unplug the USB, wait a second and plug it back in. Look for the computer to recognize that a new USB device is connected. 

A second fix scenario would be to recycle both the USB and power to each camera. Unplug the USB connection, turn the camera Off, turn it On then replug the USB. Look for the computer to recognize a new USB connection and relaunch the PackshotCreator software.  

Another fix scenario would be, since the camera became disconnected while the software was using it, the software was waiting for a response from the camera, but it did not respond, which may have caused the PackshotCreator software to hang.  In this case, exit the PackshotCreator software (which may require End Task) or even a reboot.  If it requires a re-boot, before rebooting, disconnect USB and power from the affected camera or cameras, turn everything off – all PackshotCreator equipment and the power leading to each camera – for example if the camera is using a battery or power adaptor, remove the battery or power adaptor from each camera, wait then replace it. By removing the battery or power adaptor the camera be ‘let go’ from the computer port and the Canon software.  Then by restarting, everything will be recognized as new again. Restart everything.

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