Antivirus and firewall configuration

10. Antivirus and firewall configuration

PackshotCreator software need an unrestraint access to internet connexion in order to start and work correctly.
Some companies are equipped with firewall and antivirus in order to protect their network and their data. But unfortunately, they forbid PackshotCreator software to get connected to its host.

Here are some manipulations to execute: 

● In the antivirus settings, whitelist those elements: 
      - PackshotCreator program (packshotcreator.exe)
      - All the PackshotCreator file created at the installation, in your "Program" file.

● In the firewall settings, allow the following URL:

Their IP address is the following:

● Open the ports 443 and 8080 in output.

If you mandatory need your computer connected to your network, we recommend you to acquire the Offline Credential version. This version of the software doesn't need to be connected to internet to work. You will find more information about it here.
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