09. The offline credential version

09. The offline credential version

Why do my PackshotCreator software doesn't work because of my workstation configuration?

Sometimes, because of a complex and high security system due to a need of high privacy, the PackshotCreator software can't find a way to connect to its host via intenet to validate the login and the password of the user. So the software can't be opened.

You have two solutions:
● Dedicating a computer to the use of your PackshotCreator, not linked with your corporate network, but connected to the internet.
● Buying the offline credential version in order to keep your workstation connected to your corporate network.

The offline credential is an add-on to the PackshotCreator software. It permits to companies to work with the PackshotCreator software without an internet connexion.

How to download and integrate the offline credential to my PackshotCreator software ? 

While login to your software, instead of clicking on "Login", click on "Credential Login".

You will have a 4 numbers codes displayed. Note it down.

Open your user platform at the following address: https://user.packshot-creator.com/ and login.
Click on the "Add" button, to the right and then click on "Offline Credential".

On this page, you will have to enter the 4 numbers code you noted earlier.
After, you will have to also enter your contact and bank informations to buy and download the add-on.

After this, you will be able to download a file with a ".occ" extension on your product page, by clicking "download the Offline Credential".

You will have to import this file in your software, while login into it.
Click on "Import Login Credential", import it and then click on "Apply".

And then, you will be able to work with your PackshotCreator software and being still connected to your corporate network.

/!\ Warning: you mandatory need the online version of the software to use the offline credential. This is not a full-blown software but only an add-on that has to be integrated to the PackshotCreator software to work. So this add-on cannot be swapped with the online version you get at your PackshotCreator order.
Also, please note that the Offline Credential is dedicated to only one computer. You won't be able to install the same Offline Credential on another computer.

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