PackshotCreator: the turntable calibration

03. Calibrate my turntable

In order to create great and smooth 360 or 3D animations, your turntable will have to be correctly calibrated. 
Generally, it is originally calibrated, but maybe you will have to do it by yourself.

Here is the handling:

 Click on the main menu on the top right of the software
 Open the HARDWARE menu
 Next to the connected device, click on the wrench button
 Follow the instruction from the software

The software makes a first 360 rotation.
If it goes back to its initial position, you won't have to adjust it, just click on NEXT.
If it is not, move the turntable with the control arrows until it is correctly placed then click on NEXT.
The turntable will make another 360 rotation to ensure the good calibration.

Here you are, your turntable is ready to use!

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