01. Create my first visuals

01. Create my first visuals

Welcome on your PackshotCreator software !

After make your presets (how to ?) needed for the right synchronisation between your camera and your software, it's time to realise your first photos.
We're gonna show you how easy it is, just in some clicks.

First, place your product in your box.

First step : camera settings : (once made, you won't have to change them.)
● Sensitivity ISO : we advise you to adjust this setting on 200 ou 400.
● Aperture : it takes care of the sharpness of your photo. More the aperture's number is big (ex : 16), more your photo will be sharp. However, is you got a small aperture (ex: 5.6), you'll get a smaller sharp surface. We call this "depth of field".
● Speed : it is the aperture's run, this is how long your camera captures the light inside its lense. We recommand you to set a speed that is not too slow.

Step two : lights settings
With the cursors, you can change your light intensity so that you can obtain the light needed for your photo.

Step three : sharpness
Click on the focus button in order to focus on your product

Step four : SNAP !
It's time to take your photo, all your settings are on point ! You just have to click on SNAP !
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