00. Saving formats

00. Saving formats

Many options are available to save your productions.
They are different according to how you're going to use your pictures after exportation.

 JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) :
This format is the most frequently used. Photos are a little compressed for an easy, fast and quality export.
We'll export a JPEG image to 72 dpi for a web use and 300 dpi for print.

DPI* : dot per inch. this is a measure of the resolution of a typesettingmachine, computer screen. It determins the resolution of your photo.

● RAW :
This format needs a development in a software intended for this purpose (CameraRaw, LightRoom... etc) it's up to you to define the general settings of your photo. This format is usually destined to a Photoshop edit.

● TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) :
Tiff format is similar to JPEG format, but without compression, so it generates bigger files.

● PNG (Portable Network Graphics) :
It's a compression format without loss. In PackshotCreator software, PNG will be the saving format for photos without background.

● HTML5 (HyperText Markup Language) :
This is web format. You are going to export animations with this one. PackshotCreator offers options and profiles to customize animations.

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