00. Custom defined feature

00. Custom defined feature

This tool configures and synchronizes the camera triggering and the turntable rotation.
For example, if you need to realize 4 views of a product (front, profile, 3/4 and top), you can preconfigure this views with this tool. 

Inside the 360 menu, click on custom define.
A box is opening to the right. You are going to create you profile here.

Click on the wrench button to open the settings:

As you can see there is a lot of settings.

 Quantity of views
 You can choose how many views you want. You just have to click on this icon to add them.

 You have the possibility to link and trigger one or many cameras at the same time. Think about our example: if you need 3 front views with different angles + one top view, you will be faster with two cameras than only one, that you will move from front to the top of your product.

 Spin degree
Enter here the degree you want for your view.

 Shooting mode
 - Continuous: the 4 views are shot one by one.
 - Timelapse: you have a few seconds between each view to make a change on the position of your product (here is an example of timelapse).
 - Manual: you manually trigger the camera.


 - The wrench: opens a windows to set and preview the angle of your view, the lighting impact, the camera settings...
- the +: duplicate your setted view.
- the trash: delete the setted view.

After setting your views, save your workflow in order to apply it to the infinite!

Name it (profile name), describe it to find it back easily (description) and set the position of the turntable in the end of the shooting (ending action).

You are ready now! Close your settings window and click on SNAP.

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